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CommunicatorI thrive through communication.

I can successfully communicate with my peers, elders, coworkers and a wide array of diverse audiences.


DiligentI value and put forth hard work.

I will not stop working until the job is completed in the best way possible. Everything I do, I do wholeheartedly.


CreativeI am imaginative and innovative.

From brainstorming to composing, I love to share my ideas through unique and creative ways.


I will graduate from Auburn University in May of 2017. I have worked diligently in my pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations. Recently, I have completed public relations internships as well as employments that incorporated valuable marketing skills. These instrumental experiences have allowed me to become familiar with branding for an assortment of companies and clients. Working in public relations for global and local marketing companies has shown me the path towards my dream career. For as long as I can remember, writing has been a passion of mine. Whether it is informative articles or freelance, I love to create content. Recently, my love for writing has taken me to the exciting world of website creation and design. Technology excites me, and I have used various types of software and gadgets to create social media campaigns, promote events and sell products. The prospects are endless.

I will always be eager to assist you with your needs, and I will do my utmost to create impeccable projects. With me, you will have an employee that is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes. To learn more about me, please take a look around my website!

What I Can Assist You With- public relations - marketing - social media - writing - web design - branding -

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